Saturday, February 13, 2010

Some Random Thoughts

The title for this post is a little redundant since most of my thoughts these days are random.

I have all kinds of wonderful ideas for this blog. Unfortunately right now I have no idea how to use this site. Computers are not my strong suit - oh where are my children when you need them. How could they move so far away and leave me alone with a rebellious laptop. If computers could laugh it would be laughing at me right now.

Well since I wanted to post some pictures of my jewelry here, but can't figure out how to do it, I will explain to you (if anyone ever reads this) what it is I do.

My jewelry is either hand sewn (I love fringe necklaces) or are beaded necklaces with wire sculpted stone pendants as the focal piece. I say wire sculpted because it's a different technique (some of which I made up myself -lol) than wire wrapping. Each pendant is different, depending on the shape, size and color of the stones. I may add swarovski crystal or glass beads to the pendant or sometimes just seed beads. Occasionally I'll use more than one color wire if the mood strikes me.

I am just now looking up the metaphysical properties of each of these stones since some people like to know this. For myself, I'm just being honest here, I pick the stones because - well - I think they're pretty. Let's not confuse me with a spiritual deep thinker - this is me we're talking about.

Well I will figure out how to upload some of my masterpieces here yet. Until that time, I will let you go - well at least until another random thought pops into my head - TTYL

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