Monday, February 15, 2010

About my (ahem) wire wrapping

Wow I think this is my 4th post already - I sure can talk (figuratively, since I'm really writing this and not actually speaking).

Ok, I digress. Well, besides sewing necklaces and bracelets, I also do wire wrapping on stones for my necklaces. I put the (ahem)wire wrapping in the title, because I don't do wire wrapping in the traditional sense. I have been to wire wrapping classes, watched the tutorials and than I did whatever I felt like anyway. I will leave the traditional wire wrapping to those who do it much better than I do. Besides, I'm just a wild and crazy kind of gal, I'm out of control. So let's just call what I do "wire sculpting".

Any piece that I make is going to depend on the color and shape of the stone and than pretty much whatever I feel like doing with it. I will describe my "technique". I use 20 guage round wire to start off with. I have in the past used flat or half round, but right now I'm into the round wire, since it seems to be the best match for what I'm doing. After I do the initial wrapping of the stone, I take softer wire - usually 24 guage round wire to sculpt around the outside of the stone. This works well because I can actually sculpt the wire with my hands to get the shape I want. Sometimes I will use multi-color wire, add swarovski crystal or glass beads, or sometimes just seed beads. Whatever strikes my fancy (whatever fancy is).

So that's pretty much my technique. Some people love it and some others would like to ban me from stone wrapping for all eternity - stand me up against a wall and shoot me for breaking all the laws of the wire wrapping universe. Oh well, can't please all the people all the time as my dear departed mother used to say.

I have uploaded three photos at the beginning of this post. To all wire wrapping purists out there (who I am sure would never be caught dead reading this) I have worn these necklaces and large gaping holes in the earth have not swallowed me up and sent me straight to crafters hell.

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