Saturday, April 17, 2010

Featured Seller - Susan Morrow

I want to introduce you to a very talented lady, Susan Morrow.

I met Susan through Indie Junction and I have also seen her shop on Etsy and I immediately fell in love with her beautiful jewelry. I have been wanting to feature her on my blog for a while now, but because of her busy schedule it was difficult to speak with her.

Well last week I was finally able to ask Susan a few questions about her work and I am still in a little bit of shock. I asked her how long she has been making this wonderful jewelry and she told me it's been a little bit less than a year. And to add to my shock, she is entirely self taught. She reads books on jewelry making, gets a few ideas, and than makes these fantastic necklaces. I guess we are dealing with someone who is just naturally talented (boy am I jealous).

She did tell me that she has always had artistic ability and that she is also someone who trained as a chemist. She approaches the technical aspects of jewelry making as if she is working in her chemistry lab, which is why I am including a picture of her workspace. However, the beautiful designs that she creates have to do with her love of art and all things handmade.

Please visit Susan's links listed below to see more of her wonderful work. I love every design she makes and would have posted them all here, but I think you should go see them for yourselves. Besides, I am coveting her necklaces for myself so I'm being a little bit sneaky. Really, give yourselves a treat and visit Susan's wonderful shops, and if you buy something, well, I'll have to force myself to forgive you. I suppose I can't have them all.

Monday, April 5, 2010

New Listings

These are some of my latest listings in my etsy shop.
Hope you like these and I'm working on more. I'm inspired by Spring when I can climb out from under the blankets and actually get some work done.