Friday, February 12, 2010

Some Ideas

Well since I am certainly on shaky ground here having resisted setting up a blog for the longest time, I will endeavor to begin. You must realize that I am using polite language for me. I am originally from the Bronx, NY and I don't remember the word endeavor being popular on our block.

That said, I was thinking what I would like to do here. I certainly want to use this to post some of my own work, but in the past year since I have started to seriously think about selling my work, I have met some incredibly talented people. I would also like to post their work here and have a featured seller each week.

I also will not be able to resist some of my, need I say it, well yes, incredibly brilliant insight into the world in general. Well I think it's brilliant. And to follow my son's lead I would also like to invite guest writers, since, even though, I can't imagine it, you might tire of my endless ramblings.

Ok enough - I am off to search the world for some talented people to help me out here. Speak to you soon -

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