Thursday, March 4, 2010

No Guns in Starbucks or Rant #2

Hi to all my latte drinking friends. By the way, I am one of those latte drinking people - I love lattes, especially the chocolate mocha kind.

So some Starbucks customers don't want other customers to carry guns into Starbucks, even if the other customer is legally carrying that gun. They are putting pressure on Starbucks to ban guns in their stores. I guess the threat is to not drink their latte or cappucino or iced coffee, even though we all know this is a filthy lie and an empty threat. The latte addiction is just too great. I know this to be true. I too am a latte addict. I suppose, they're afraid that some madness might overtake the said gun carrier and the urge to shoot the latte cups off the shelf might become too strong to resist.

However, this pressure is not against those non latte drinking gun carriers who may, in fact, be going into Starbucks, not for the latte, but possibly for the cash register. Oh yes, I'll bet their guns aren't even legal. I'm just guessing here.

To all of you Starbucks customers who want this ban, I have one recommendation. Get a life. And I'll say this, as long as we have latte drinking, gun toting customers in Starbucks, the latte cups will remain safe and unharmed along with the cash register.


  1. Having guns in a coffee shop sure made a difference for these guys:

  2. uh - whatch talkin' bout Jesse - The gunman who didn't go into the coffee shop to get a latte, but was a psychotic expressly going there to shoot cops and got them by surprise - What's that got to do with a gun ban in Starbucks?

    Would a gun ban in the coffee shop have made a difference in the outcome? -Should the cops not have been armed? What exactly is your point - Just asking Love ya.