Thursday, March 4, 2010

Featured Seller - FlowersFromFatima

FlowersFromFatima is an artist who creates decorative headbands, floral hair clips and floral corsages.

I am going to keep my comments regarding this very talented craftsperson to a minimum, since the bulk of this article was written by Fatima herself, and there is no way that I could improve on it in any way. I just want to say, this is a lady that I first noticed on Etsy. Her shop is beautiful, her headbands and clips are lovely, and I think after reading what she has to say you'll understand why.

"FlowersFromFatima is still a fairly new business, founded in December."

"My older brother came up with the idea to name my business FlowersFromFatima and he was the one who really encouraged me to begin a business."

"I have been inspired by hope, positive energy, and love for nature."

"When I was younger my father began a community beautification program. With him, my family planted flowers throughout the neighborhood. We transformed our low-income neighborhood into a paradise . We attracted exotic butterflies and beautiful birds. I never imagined that such beauty existed here in Cincinnati. And NO ONE ever expected to see such beauty in the "inner-city ghetto..."Where there were flowers, there was life."

"My father passed away shortly before I began my business, but his dream still lives on through my own flowers.

"I hope that I can pursue my business full-time after I graduate. I love designing floral accessories and my heart is truly in each piece. It would be a blessing to bloom with Flowers From Fatima.

Please go to Fatima's shop on etsy. She is currently having a spring break sale until March 8th.

The link is:

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  1. Thank you for featuring me in this blog! I love it!