Friday, March 26, 2010

Indie Junction

I am writing this short post to tell you about a wonderful site called Indie Junction. This is a great place for indie artists and crafters to come together, discuss their work, share their ideas on promotion and creative expression and just to support each other in a friendly and helpful atmosphere.

If you are new to online selling, as I am, or have been doing it for a while, you know that it can be a frustrating and time consuming experience. Having a vibrant on line artist community is wonderful .

If you are interested you can visit this site at: or visit their fan page on facebook at

At the top of this article you can see some of the beautiful work from various Indie Junction artists.


  1. Bernice, you are a great artist. I learn a lot about color, design and photographing items by looking at your beautiful work. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  2. Wonderful post! I wholeheartedly agree :D

  3. Thanks Bernice, so happy you are enjoying your time with us:)

  4. Thanks Bernice! Indie Junction is very lucky to have so many talented you!