Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Me Being a Good Mommy - Just Call Me Mommy Dearest

I am writing this post to promote my son's blog. Of course, you would think he would do the same for his poor, unappreciated, wonderful mother (me) but what can a mother do.

I will have to admit, as much as I hate doing it, he is a decent writer. His blog is very often funny and thought provoking and he would love it if you would give him a good argument. I don't know where he gets the argumentative streak. Must be from his father.

If nothing else he is never dull.

I am also posting some of his photographs. He does that pretty well too. Hey, a mother is always allowed bragging rights.

Ok son - Mommy Dearest is signing off now.


  1. They are very good photos and the blog is very funny.

  2. I love his blog!! His photography is awesome!! But then of course, talent runs in the family!!